Condoms and Street Outreach

The team at You Can Live Outreach recognizes the challenges presented for both HIV positive and negative individuals to deal with a diagnosis, modify behaviors, incorporate safe practices and stay adherent to medication and treatment plans and programs. Our Helen Agnes Center of Hope program offer a wide range of peer support groups, moderated by trained professionals, that help people bring up their issues and topics in a safe space free from judgment and filled with practical, real-world suggestions and supports.  We operate these groups for individuals in many different demographic and community configurations.

Woman 2 Woman  (Women Living with HIV) An ongoing, discussion with a group of newly diagnosed HIV women.  This support group will offer ideas and advice from other diagnosed women as to how they navigated through the medical maze, understood different treatment options, and how to deal with social and personal issues.

Man 2 Man (Men Living with HIV)  This group focuses less on the psychological challenges and more on the stigma of living with HIV.

Just 4 Us  (Women together with Women)  This group, for women who sleep with women, is targeted at both people living with HIV and those who are at high risk for contracting the virus.  Discussions will involve issues surrounding being part of a sexual minority and the social and community pressures that may leave lesbians with more challenges surrounding HIV than are usually attributed to this community.

Just 4 Him (Men together with Men, 18-29)  This group is designed to give young men who identify as gay or bisexual with a safe space to talk about their issues and concerns, and provides a place to talk about safer sex practices and other issues that may not come up in discussions with friends and family.

Just 4 Teens (One-to-One Tutoring and Mentoring) pairs a child living with HIV/AIDS with a trusted messenger to help the child catch up on work in school. The trusted messenger serves as a positive role model and gives the child much-needed special attention.

Our goal is to improve HIV-related health outcomes and reduce the stigma for at risk communities through group intervention and prevention. We are the primary source of contact to provide support and education to Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender men and women who have been newly diagnosed with HIV and seeking continuum of care. The supporters within our groups are people living with HIV from the community, who share key characteristics and act effectively as a trusted messenger.

Our program promotes and assists clients with; adhering to medical care by keeping appointments, picking up medications, linking clients to medical care, emotional, spiritual and supportive services.  We also empower individuals to practice safer sex and reduce all risk behaviors in relation to contracting HIV.

To participate in any of these groups, please call (305) 824-7188 and ask for the group by name.  Most of them require active enrollment in one of our ongoing programs.

Helen Agnes Center of Hope Program

Food and Nutrition Programs

You Can Live Outreach provides free male and female condoms through our street outreach program. Between 2014, You Can Live Outreach distributed more than 50,000 thousand free condoms through street outreach and on street corners throughout Miami-Dade County. To find out our nearest condom distribution location near you Contact us.

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A Doorway to Healthy Living! You Can Live Outreach teaches individuals how to improve their health and the quality of their life through better nutrition!

FOOD: For Clients

Clients enrolled in any You Can Outreach Program can enjoy a nutritious and balanced prepared food once a month. We offer nutrition support to help our clients learn to manage co-morbidities such as cholesterol, diabetes, obesity that can present health challenges to people living with HIV.  Additionally, our clients work with our nutrition health educator in tandem with their own nutritionists to help improve their diet and overall health picture.

Pantry Bags, featuring ingredients for healthy meals, including fresh produce, are provided once a month to enrolled You Can Live Clients with the help of our unique partnership with the Food Bank of Miami-Dade County. Additionally, several times throughout the year, You Can Live Outreach prepare special luncheon to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a summer Family Picnic, Thanksgiving and the Holidays, which are all special times for our families!

FOOD: For the Community by Feeding the Hungry

At You Can Live Outreach we understand that homelessness brings a sense of loneliness that erodes the core of a person’s self-value. When you are homeless, a simple smile and a word of kindness can make a big difference in a day full of hardship. Sometimes, the homeless just need food to get through the day, we have partnered with local restaurants, local churches and to help pass out pantry bags to assist them with getting through their day.  One of the biggest problems with homelessness is misunderstanding who are the homeless. Stereotypes and stigmatization make it hard for people to help others. No matter what brought them to homelessness, You Can Live Outreach love and value the homeless community by providing the much-needed help they so rightfully deserve.

Members of the Community may receive Pantry once a month with a referral from participating community organizations such as the Salvation Army, local churches, senior and community centers and government sources.  For more information please Contact us.


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