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We Defeat

You Can Live Outreach Love Thy Neighbor Program is to help breakthrough the barriers of discrimination and defeat HIV/AIDS stigma for individuals that are HIV positive to enable them to advocate for themselves and understand that there is life above and beyond their HIV diagnosis. Our Love Thy Neighbor Program uses street prevention within the community by traveling to individual homes of families of newly diagnosed HIV persons and helps to provide education to assist them to handle the stigma with their diagnosis, as well as, assist with referral for treatment. We have given away over 50,000 condoms since 2014 through street outreach, teach HIV 101 in homes and on street corners throughout Miami-Dade County.

We Advocate

Self-determination and an ability for individuals to take their education and our love back to their families, friends and communities is a critical part of our work.  Many of our programs center-around increased knowledge and emotional wellness activities to provide negotiation skills for individuals to learn how to advocate for themselves.  The individuals in our programs watch out for each other, support each other in adhering to treatment plans, and truly become family.

We Educate

​​No one is born knowing about HIV/AIDS.  School programs may fall short of educating teens about safe sex and relationship goals.  Individuals struggling with depression or substance abuse needs one on one and private space to be ready to learn. You Can Live Outreach has programs for all ages and experiences: one-on-one and emotional group sessions get to the core issues around personal behavior and responsibility, presentations by experts in the field are given during You Can Life Outreach events, seminars, stage plays and workshops; a yearly Summit and Community Health Fair to bring together clients, providers and experts to talk about issues of the day; our outreach work with young people through teen interventions, Events with a Purpose and peer groups brings the facts to kids where they live.  Education is a critical part of the You Can Live Outreach Experience:  helping those living with HIV know about their options, and helping those who are HIV negative stay that way.

We Support

​​Often, when we talk about living with HIV/AIDS, but we forget the most important part: Living!  The team at You Can Live Outreach supports the lives of our clients by offering social, emotional and spiritual support through our Helen Agnes Center of Hope program. We will have special lunches throughout the year, sponsor an end of summer picnic for families (including a backpack program for school age kids!), holiday celebrations and more. A key component of the You Can Live Outreach Experience is the client organization that works with the professional team to bring program suggestions and activities to the table.

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At YOU CAN LIVE OUTREACH we save lives.

As HIV/AIDS have been frowned upon throughout South Florida. You Can Live Outreach has stood as a safety-net, and has fought the battles to protect disadvantaged individuals from the effects of HIV/AIDS stigma: We educate women, men and children about their status, restore their dignity, raise their voice and reverence their passion: we empower them to love and live again. 

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